Description: Formation of doped regions with emphasis on diffusion, diffusion equipment, materials, and processes.

Length of time: 3 hrs.


Module: Semiconductor Materials and Doping Techniques

Module: Etch


1. Chemicals

2. Doping

3. Concept of diffusion

Concentration factor

Energy factor

4. Diffusion equipment

5. The diffusion process



6. Parameters and measurement techniques

7. Quality issues related to diffusion

8. Safety issues


Student objectives:

Student will be able to:

1. Given the Periodic Table, name some chemical elements used for P and N type doping.

2. Explain why doping is necessary.

3. Explain the concept of diffusion. List two major conditions that are necessary for diffusion to take place.

4. List four major deposition steps in the diffusion process. Include a discussion of processes, equipment, measurements, and materials involved.

5. Explain the drive-in process and its purposes in diffusion; and describe the relationship between diffusion and implant.

6. Explain the various purposes and importance of annealing.

7. Compare and contrast furnace annealing with RTP annealing.