Ion Implant


Description: Formation of doped regions with emphasis on ion implantation, implant systems, equipment, materials, and processes.

Length of time: 3 hrs.


Module: Diffusion

Module: Oxidation

Module: Photolithography

Module: Etch


1. Limits of diffusion

2. Concept of ion implant

3. Advantages and disadvantages of ion implant

4. Ion implantation equipment

5. Dopant concentration profiles

6. Channeling

7. Selective ion implanting

8. Annealing process

9. Safety issues


Student objectives:

Student will be able to:

1. List key limits of diffusion in the doping of semiconductors and show how these limits are overcome by ion implanting. Include cost and safety disadvantages of ion implant systems.

2. Explain some key subsystems of ion implanters. Use sketches as appropriate.

3. Explain what is meant by "projected range" and "concentration profile" with relevance to ion implanting.

4. Explain channeling and when it presents the greatest problem. Include a discussion on how to minimize channeling.

5. List safety hazards due to ion implant procedures.