Overview & History of Semiconductor Manufacturing Process


Description: Brief overview of the electronics industry and computing with chief focus on semiconductor manufacturing. Includes an elementary introduction to semiconductor manufacturing which looks at equipment, materials, and processes from material preparation to packaging.

Length of time: 6 hrs

Prerequisites: None


1. History of the electronics industry

Early years

Vacuum tubes

Discrete semiconductor devices

Integrated circuits


2. Applications of integrated circuits

Stages in the semiconductor manufacturing process

Material preparation

Crystal growth

Wafer preparation

Wafer fabrication


3. Basic steps in silicon planar processing

4. Industry Trends and Moore's law


Student objectives:

Student will be able to:

1. Give approximate dates and names of people for key events in a chronology of computing and semiconductor manufacturing technology from the late 19th century to the present day.

2. State ways semiconductor manufacturers measure their success.

3. Identify key semiconductor manufacturing technology companies and describe the significant technological contributions of each.

4. Identify key applications of integrated circuits and list some advantages of integrated circuits over earlier, discrete devices used in electronics, particularly in electronic computing.

5. Given a complete listing of semiconductor manufacturing processes, list and describe the five key stages of the process.

6. Using approximately five steps from wafer preparation through packaging, draw an overview process flowchart showing the development of a planar transistor.

7. State Moore's Law and discuss trends in semiconductor manufacturing and the need for trained technicians.