Process Flow


Description: Provides an overview of the wafer-fabrication process in the manufacture of an MOS transistor. Includes a focus on layering, patterning, and doping with respect to overall process sequence, the equipment used at each step, and the key process functions provided by the equipment.

Length of time: 3 hrs.


Module: Overview & History of Semiconductor Manufacturing Process


1. Layering -- the manufacturing of thin films

2. Patterning

3. Doping

4. MOS transistor manufacturing process

5. Current trends (eg. Multilevel metal processes)


Student objectives:

Student will be able to:

1. Draw and describe the sequential process in the formation of a MOS transistor. Use proper terminology.

2. Demonstrate (using overheads or other means of presentation) the step-by-step process as the MOS transistor is manufactured.

3. Explain what is meant by the terms, "layering," "patterning," and "doping."

4. Explain the major functions of each step in the MOS transistor manufacturing process.

5. List the major equipment and processes used at each step of the overall MOS transistor manufacturing process.