Wafer Cleaning


Description: Types and sources of wafer surface contamination. Methods, materials, and equipment to clean wafers.

Length of time: 1 hr


Module: Contamination Control


1. Types and sources of contamination

Particulate matter

Organic residues

Inorganic residues

Undesired oxides

2. Removal


Chemical residues

Undesired oxides

3. Chemicals used in wafer cleaning

4. RCA clean


Student objectives:

Student will be able to:

1. List four major types of contamination that can occur on wafer surfaces.

2. Describe ways by which particulates on wafer surfaces can be removed. Explain the role of chemicals.

3. Describe ways by which organic and inorganic residues can be removed from wafer surfaces. Include a description of RCA clean and explain the role of chemicals.

4. Show ways by which unwanted oxide layers can be removed from wafer surfaces. Explain the role of chemicals.

5. Explain what type of water is used in wafer cleaning and when it is used.