Intentions of Committee: The following nineteen modules are intended for use to develop semiconductor manufacturing process courses. The modules present the entire manufacturing process from the history of the industry to microcontamination and probe, assembly and test. Some schools offer a one-hour overview followed by two three-hour courses. The committee has intentionally left flexibility where possible. Some modules require specific prerequisites which are noted.

Each module contains a title, brief description, suggested prerequisites, key topics, and objectives. This list is in no way exhaustive. The modules may be used individually, in various combinations, or as resources to help instructors tailor courses to meet specific program needs. High school chemistry is recommended as a perquisite of the entire set of modules; and high school physics and algebra would be helpful for the student.

References: Each module contains within it the reference materials specific to that module. Again we caution the list is in no way exhaustive but is somewhat comprehensive at the time these modules are published. The committee has included a listing of other resources that would be helpful in researching and preparing to teach semiconductor manufacturing process technology. This outline is based on Peter VanZant’s work; he is preparing a third edition. We suggest you watch for it so you may incorporate new technology such as LDD implants, QUAD implants, implant technology for gettering, etc.

Resource List: This listing is intended as a resource and is not exhaustive. The information provided serves as a basis to research for supporting materials. The character of this information is dynamic. Your are encouraged to keep your information current.

Industry Relationships The committee encourages instructors who present this course to develop a relationship with an industry partner in order to ensure you are teaching the most recent technology. In addition, through the industry partner you will have access to subject matter experts to enhance instruction with lectures and field trips. Also, many semiconductor manufacturers and related companies belong to Sematech and therefore will have access to excellent resources for training.

Web sites: Browse websites which continue to update their information. Several are mentioned in the resource list.