Module 11: High & Ultra High Vacuum Pumps

Description: Description of the range, principles of operation and application of high vacuum pumps.

Length of Time: 8 hours


1. Turbomolecular pump

2. Cryo pump

3. Getters

4. Sputter ion pump

5. Diffusion pump

6. Cryo panels and cryo traps

7. Partial pressure analysis


Student Objectives:

Student will be able to:

For the following types of vacuum pumps: turbomolecular pumps, cryo pumps, getters, putter ion pumps, and diffusion pumps;

1. List the major components for each pump.

2. Explain how they work.

3. List the use of each pump in a vacuum system.

4. Describe the maintenance procedures for each pump.

5. State the operating pressure range.

6. List the upper and lower pressure limits factors.

7. Given two different gases, compare the pumping speed for each gas.

8. Given a specific gas, select the pump that would produce the highest pumping speed.



Chambers: Chapter 3 "Pumps"

O’Hanlon: Chapter 14 "Getter and Ion Pumps"

Chapter 15 "Cryogenic Pumps"

Varian: Chatper 4 "Ultrahigh Vacuum Pumps"