Module 8: Low Vacuum Gauges

Description: Description of the range, principles of operation and application of low vacuum gauges.

Length of Time: 2 hours


1. Absolute pressure gauges

2. Bourdon gauge

3. Diaphragm gauge

4. Capacitance manometer

5. Thermocouple gauge

6. Convection gauge

7. McCleod gauge


Student Objectives:

Student will be able to :

1. Describe the significance of absolute pressure measurement and its limitations.

For each of the following gauges:

a. Absolute pressure gauge

b. Bourdon gauge

c. Diaphragm gauge

d. Capacitance manometer

e. Thermocouple gauge

f. Convection gauge

2. Give the pressure range in which each gauge operates.

3. Explain how each gauge works.

4. Describe how each gauge is maintained.



Chambers: Chapter 4 "Measurement of Pressure"

O’Hanlon: Chapter 5 "Pressure Gauges"

Varian: Chapter 5 "Gauges"