Module 9: Mechanical Vacuum Pumps

Description: Description of the range, principles of operation and appication of low vacuum pumps.

Length of Time: 5 hours


1. Rotary oil-sealed mechanical pump

2. Backstreaming

3. Dry pump

4. Cryosorption pump

5. Lobe pump (roots blowers)

6. Turbomolecular pump

7. Venturi pump

8. In-Line traps and Sieve traps


Student Objectives:

Student will be able to:

1. Sketch and describe the mechanism of a rotating vane mechanical pump.

2. Define "backstreaming."

3. Describe methods to eliminate backstreaming in mechanical pumps.

For each of the following pump types: rotary oil-sealed mechanical pump, dry pump, cryosorption pump, lobe pumps, venturi pumps, and turbomolecular pumps;

4. List the major components for each pump.

5. List an application of each pump in a vacuum system.



Chambers: Chapter 3 "Pumps"

O’Hanlon: Chapter 10 "Mechanical Pumps"

Chapter 11 " Turbomolecular Pumps"

Varian: Chapter 2 "Roughing Pumps"

Chapter 3 "High Vacuum Pumps"