Vacuum Training System


The following system is one of several possible vacuum training systems that can be used to support the following vacuum systems laboratory experiments. Varian Vacuum Systems provided a prototype vacuum training system for the committee’s use and we wish to express our appreciation to Varian Vacuum Products for their support of this project.



Vacuum Trainer Specifications:


Vacuum Station

V70LP Turbomolecular Pump w/6" CFF with fan and instant vent

MD30 Diaphragm Pump

Multi-Gauge Controller

Basic Unit

BA card and cable

ConvecTorr Card and two cables

TC Card and four cable fan-out

RS-232 Interface

Multi-Gauge Data Logging Software

Bell Jar

12" diameter by 12" height

Splinter Shield

Seating Ring

Base Plate

12" diameter

2 - 3/4" CFF center connection with screen

2 - 3/4" CFF RF feedthrough port

1 - 1/3" CFF port

Fitting and manual back-to-air port

KF16 fitting for roughing line

Bracing to cart as required

Connection to Turbomolecular Pump

2 - 3/4" CFF tee


Bayard-Alpert Gauge

Gate valve

Throttle valve

2 - 3/4" to 4.5" CFF adapter

Roughing Line

Fitting & 1/8" NPT TC tube

Fitting & 1/8" NPT ConvecTorr

KF 16 H/O in-line Elastomer Valve

KF 16 connection to roughing line


2 - 3/4" 10kW RF power feedthrough

(Capability to add RF components at a later date.)

Varian Part Number: MSPA6477