Resources for Equipment and Laboratory Supplies


This checklist identifies minimum facilities, equipment and supplies that are necessary and sufficient to provide authentic learning experiences for the mastery of work-related competencies in semiconductor manufacturing technology and related support industries. This list is not intended to be exhaustive or exclusive. Individual programs will augment this list with specific equipment and supplies to support the unique requirements of the program and industry partners.



College administrators, faculty and others involved in the design and development of instructional laboratories for semiconductor and other advanced technology manufacturing programs at two-year degree granting institutions.



  1. To serve as a guide for planning and equipping facilities for semiconductor manufacturing technology programs.
  2. To identify critical laboratory resources needed to support performance based assessment of learned competencies in a semiconductor manufacturing technology curriculum.


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Fume Hood

Cost: $4,000-6,000


Wet Bench with Chemical/Acid Storage’s

Fisher Scientific 1-800-766-7000

Cost: $4,000-6,000


Chemical Disposal

Fisher Scientific 1-800-766-7000

Cost: $3,000 & above


Deionized H2O System

Fisher Scientific 1-800-766-7000

Cost: $2,000-4,000 depending on volume & quantity


Showers & Eye Bath

Fisher Scientific1-800-766-7000

Cost: $500-1,000




Cost: $1,500-2,000


DC Power Supply (Triple Output)


Cost: $400-500




Cost: $100-150


Function Generator


Cost: $200-250


Soldering Stations

(information not available at this time)


Vacuum Trainer

Cost: $18,000-20,000 and $8,000-10,000


RF Generator & Matching Network

Cost: $6,000-7,000


AC, DC, Stepper Motors and/or Trainers Lab


Cost: $4,000 and above


Industrial Sensors, Lab Components or Trainers

TII – Technical Education Systems 1-800-451-2169

Cost: $3,000


Pneumatics, Lab Components or Trainers


Cost: $10,000 and above


Hydraulics, Lab Components or Trainers


Cost: $10,000 and above


Programmable Logic Controllers


Cost: $4,000 and above


Single Wafer Spin Processor (Spin on photoresist)

Laurell Technologies Corp 215-699-7278

Cost: $12,000


Oven (Chem Lab Approved) (Suitable for photoresist hard bake)

Cost: $1,100-1,200


Microscope (suitable for wafer inspection)

VWR 1-800-932-5000

Cost: $3,000-4,000


Furnace, 6 inch tube type (Suitable for oxidation & diffusion, temps =1100-1200C)

VWR 1-800-932-5000

Cost: $4,000-6,500


Hot Plate

(Suitable for soft photoresist bake)

VWR 1-800-932-5000

Cost: $200-700


Ultra-Violet Light Exposure System (can be custom built, contact MATEC for construction plans)

Source of UV Light Bulbs – Fisher Scientific 1-800-766-7000

Cost: less than $200


Pressurized N2 Gas Cylinders (Dry wafers during process steps)

Contact local gas distributor

Cost: Variable depending on volume & quantity used


Quartzware (Suitable for furnace use)

Quartz International 505-797-7500


4 or 6 inch wafers

Possible source……Industry donations?

Cost: Variable


Wafer Boats/Carriers

Fluoroware 612-448-3131

Cost: Variable





Bunny Suits, Hoods, Booties, Hair Nets, Masks, Vinyl Gloves, Latex Gloves, Solvent Acid Gloves

Fisher Safety "Products for Controlled Environments" Catalog


Cost: Variable




Photoresist – positive resist

Propylene Glycol Monomethyl, Ether Acetate, PMA, PGMEA or

Cost: $500/gal


Resist Strip

Tetramthylammonium Hydroxide, Propanediaol, Methyl

Cost: $72/gal



Tetramthylammonium Hydroxide + Water

Cost: $30/gal


Acetone, used as EBR and cleaner

Cost: $18/gal

*For Material Safety Data Sheets, request from vendor.





1. Brady
        Signmark Division

2221 West Camden Road
P.O. Box 2999
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2999
Toll-Free: (800) 635-7557
In Milwaukee: (414) 228-1411
Fax: (800) 445-7446

2. Consolidated Plastics Company, Inc.

8181 Darrow Road
Twinsburg, OH 44087
General: (800) 362-1000
(216) 425-3900
Fax: (216) 425-3333

Consolidated Plastics products contains storage bins, clothing, bags, gloves, and other items that are produced with plastics.

3. Craftsman

Sears Power & Hand Tools
20 Presidential Drive
Roselle, IL 60172
General: (800) 377-7414
Fax: (800) 390-8792

Craftsman carries a selection of hand and power tools.

4. Fluoroware

102 Jonathan Boulevard North
Chaska, MN 55318
General: (612) 368-8694
Fax: (612) 368-8022

Fluoroware is a great source for wafer boats used in the assembly line process. They supply us with acid boats, tweezers, cassette holders and cassette boxes.

5. Grinnell Corporation

16100 South Lathrop Avenue
Harvey, IL 60426
Phone: (708) 339-1610

Power-strut contains a full line of support beams and brackets to build your cleanroom or laboratory.

6. HPS Division

MKS Instruments, Inc.
5330 Sterling Drive
Boulder, CO 80301
General: (800) 345-1967
(303) 449-9861
Fax: (303) 442-6880

HPS has a full line of vacuum instruments and attachment components.

7. Kurt J. Lesker Company

1515 Worthington Avenue
Clairton, PA 15025
Phone: (412) 233-4200
(800) 245-1656
Fax: (412) 233-4375

8. National Bag Company, Inc.

2233 Mill Road
Hudson, OH 44236
Phone: (216) 425-2600
(800) 247-6000

National Bag contains bags, boxes, lab gowns, and wrapping supplies.

9. Parker Hannifin Corporation

Instrumentation Connectors Division
P.O. Box 400004-1504
Huntsville, AL 35815-1504
General: (205) 881-2040
Fax: (205) 881-5730

Parker Hannifin specializes in instrument pipe fittings.

10. Ryan Herco Products Corporation

Corporate Headquarters
P.O. Box 588
2509 North Naomi Street
Burbank, CA 91503
Phone: (800) 848-1141

Ryan Herco contains a full line of pumps, valves, pipes, and storage containers for movement and handling chemicals.

11. Seton Name Plate Company

Department AE-5A
20 Thompson Road
P.O. Box 819
Branford, CT 06405-0819
General: (800) 243-6624
Fax: (800) 345-7819