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The Peg Game™
Explorations In Team Development

The Peg Game illustrates, in a fun and exciting way, the process that groups move through as they form teams. Participants experience team dynamics in a powerful simulation that rapidly moves them through the stages of group development.

The workshop focuses on team productivity, the effects of change on teams, communication, and becoming more successful team members. The Peg Game shows why working in teams is so crucial for the success of organizations.

Participants go through the four rounds of The Peg Game as "employees" of the imaginary Peg and Marble, Inc. They form work teams with the task of placing 30 pegs into their team peg board as rapidly as possible according to "customer specifications". Teams are timed in each round, and scores are compared. In rounds two and three last minute changes are thrown in -- specifications change, leadership changes -- and team members must work together to improve their performance as they deal with the change. In the final round of the Peg Game, participants gain insights into improving collaboration between teams.

The Peg Game is designed with flexibility in mind. It can be used in the early stages of team training, to solidify training that's been done, or to work with specific teams on particular issues. Depending on the instructor's goals, sessions can range from 1.5 to 4 hours.

The recommended number of participants per session can range from 10 to 30. The number of participants per peg board should be from 6-10 including one team timer and a team observer. In smaller teams the timer and observer can be the same person. Three peg board sets and fifteen participant guides are included in the Peg Game package. Additional peg board sets are available for sessions with more than 15 participants.

The Peg Game was developed by Technical Training Resources, Inc., for use in training personnel in a number of large corporations, government, and military settings. After many requests by inhouse trainers to use the exercise Technical Training Resources, Inc. packaged the information in an easy to implement format that any trainer can facilitate. Created by trainers, for trainers, The Peg Game package is designed to make trainers highly successful. As a result, everything needed to run the exercise is included. A unique feature of the package is the Instructor's Video, which makes preparation easier and more efficient for instructors.

The Peg Game package includes:

A three-ring bound Instructor's Guide that offers extensive, well-researched material in a crystal clear presentation and has plenty of space for the trainer's own notes.

An Instructor's Video that shows the simulation in action and outlines the objectives and methods used so that the trainer has a clear picture of the activity in mind beforehand.

24 Color transparencies to bolster the presentation.

Participant Guides. The 16-page Participant Guide give each team member a great tool for classroom and future use (15 included in package).

Pegs, boards, and stopwatches for 3 teams come with carrying bags.*

Price $975

*Note: Three sets of pegs, boards, and stopwatches will allow two teams to play all four rounds of the simulation. The third set of pegs and board are used in the Collaboration round. For larger groups plan on one extra board set for every two or three teams. Please call for additional details on teaching larger groups.

One team expansion set $199. Includes (7) participant guides, (1) peg board, (30) pegs, stopwatch and carrying bag.

Two team expansion set $349. Includes (14) participant guides, (2) peg boards, (60) pegs, stopwatches and carrying bags.

Participant guides (sold in packs of 15): (1) pack$34.95; (4) packs$99.95; Additional packs (over 4)$21.95 ea.


Developed By Technical Training Resources, Inc. 480-491-5488

National Distribution By The Training Edge, Inc. 800-292-4375


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