The most comprehensive program of its type available that provides over 200 hours of interactive, computer based electronics training. Original program developed in California with content input from several of the leading electronics companies in the bay area. The subject matter is divided into four extensive courses:

Direct Current - 14 modules
Alternating Current - 13 modules
Digital Electronics - 12 modules
Semiconductor Electronics - 12 modules

Each module is organized as follows:

1. Timed, computer based pretest
2. Optional reading assignments correlated to third party textbooks
3. Written homework review exercises
4. Interactive computer theory lesson
5. Written lab exercises referenced to training aids and workbooks
6. Active computer based review
7. Timed, computer based posttest

Computer based training segments use live action video, animation and vivid demonstrations to provide thorough electronics theory training with the flexibility and cost effectiveness of multimedia. The CD-ROM based program is available under a software license or on a per student basis.

For additional information, demonstration disks, and pricing, contact the
Training Resources Group at
wjtrain@erols.com OR (301) 846-4383