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Student Labs

Lab 1: Achieving Vacuum with the MKS Trainer.

This lab includes system overview, the mechanical pump, system control software familiarization, bringing the sytem to its base pressure, zeroing the capacitance manometer, performing a pressure rate-of-rise leak test, venting procedure.

Download Lab 1 (file size 75kb)

Lab 2: System Time Constant

The purpose of this lab is to explain and demonstrate the system time constant and how it varies with different conductances.

Download Lab 2 (file size 32kb)

Lab 3: Understanding Throughput and its Relationship to Speed and Pressure

The purpose of this lab is to be capable of converting between the common units of throughput (torr-liters/sec and std. cc/min [sccm]); understand the relationship between pumping speed (S) in liters/sec, pressure (P) in torr, and throughput (Q) in torr-liters/sec; calculate and verify pumping speed at a particular point in the system and interpret the pressure rate-of-rise for a vacuum system.

Download Lab 3 (file size 30kb)

Lab 4: Manual Pressure Control - Downstream

The purpose of this lab is to: demonstrate how a set point pressure can be acquired and maintained manually with downstream control and compare control performance using elements with differing conductance ranges.

Download Lab 4 (file size 26kb)

Lab 5: Downstream Auto Pressure Control with the Smart Throttle Valve

The purpose of this lab is to understand the downstream mode of pressure control, be able to explain what PID control is and how it is applied in pressure control, compare auto pressure control to manual pressure control and understand the effects of varying the tuning (PID) parameters.

Download Lab 5 (file size 43kb)

Lab 6: Upstream Control with a Proportioning Valve

The purpose of this lab is to understand the upstream mode of pressure
control and to contrast the upstream mode with downstream control (Lab

Download Lab 6 (file size 20kb)

Lab 8: Mass Flow Controller Flow Verification Using the Pressure Rate-of-Rise Technique

The purpose of this lab is to understand how to verify the mass flow from an MFC by using the pressure rate-of-rise technique and determine the gas correction factor for a gas other than nitrogen/air.

Download Lab 8 (file size 36kb)

Lab 9: Mass Flow Controller Troubleshooting with a Breakout Connector

The purpose of this lab is to become familiar with the use of a
breakout connector and a voltmeter to perform diagnostics on a mass
flow controller.

Download Lab 9 (file size 17kb)

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