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Volume 1, Number1 Fourth Annual Conference in Advanced Technology Education in Semiconductor Manufacturing
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The Fourth Annual conference in Advanced Technology Education in Semiconductor Manufacturing will be held in Portland, Oregon, August 3-6, 1998. This conference is co-sponsored by the MATEC and Portland Community College. The conference attracts participants from industry and education who are involved in preparing students for primarily technician level jobs in the semiconductor industry. Secondary and higher education institutions also participate in addition to community colleges. Pre-conference workshops will be held and focus primarily on upgrading faculty skills for the participants who teach in these programs.

Last year's conference in San Jose attracted over 180 registrants and featured Craig Barrett, President and C.O.O. of Intel, as the keynote speaker. The conference registration fee is $250, faculty and teachers receive a 50% discount. Contact MATEC at (602) 517-8650, or visit the conference area from our home page -