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Volume 1, Number 1 MATEC Faculty/Staff Development & Professional Growth Activities
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The semiconductor and related industries is an agile and dynamic manufacturing setting. It is obvious that the needs, strategies, and required tasks rapidly evolve. One of the principle goals guiding the design and implementation of the MATEC Staff Development Project, is to provide faculty with a mechanism for continuous awareness and revision. It is our belief that his process will effect a long-term systemic change in the content and pedagogy within the community college and high school curricula.

The MATEC Faculty/Staff Development Project develops and disseminates professional enhancement opportunities for community college and high school faculty teaching in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Program or allied discipline.

The objective of the MATEC Staff Development program is to help faculty and teachers become familiar with the Advanced Technology Education (ATE) curriculum and available courseware. In addition, the Center provides opportunities for professional development, training and professional growth. Finally, the Center facilitates opportunities to have direct experience with the semiconductor industry and experts in the field in an ongoing basis.

MATEC utilizes a National Staff Development Advisory Committee to assist in the development, design and implementation of professional enhancement activities. The committee is comprised of members representing the semiconductor industry, community college and university faculty.

Our Faculty Development offerings are designed primarily for community college faculty teaching in a math/science, engineering or semiconductor manufacturing technology discipline. And secondarily, for high school faculty. A special emphasis is placed on learning objectives that promote the adaptation of knowledge and methodologies acquired by the faculty to their own classroom environment.

Eleven professional development workshops have been developed or co-developed and offered to date. The topic and development priority was based on a national faculty needs survey and recommendations from the National Staff Development Advisory Committee. Over 200 faculty, representing 60 community colleges and post secondary institutions have attended our workshops and short courses. Faculty subsidies and stipends were awarded to offset the cost of attendance.

Industry internships are seen as a key component of the faculty development effort. MATEC facilitates and collaborates with industrial sponsors and educational institutions to provide community college faculty with opportunities to gain direct work experience in semiconductor manufacturing.

A major goal of the faculty development component in 1998 is to continue to offer quality workshops and expand the number of companies offering internships to faculty. Additional information on workshops and internship opportunities will be featured in upcoming issues of "@ MATEC."