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Volume 1, Number 1 MATEC Curriculum Development for Spring 1998
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In keeping with the vision and goals of the NSF, MATEC’s curriculum development project is designed to help faculty equip students entering the high-technology workforce with a strong and innovative educational experience. The semiconductor manufacturing industry and its suppliers require technicians who can sustain technical skills in a rapidly advancing industry. This ability requires a sound conceptual understanding of the physical sciences supporting the technology and the technical competency to solve problems which cannot even be anticipated today. The challenge to educators is to provide curricula and materials that blend "training" and "education" in new ways, to produce workers with skills that are relevant to the workplace today and in the future.

To meet this challenge, MATEC is establishing a national resource center for the development and distribution of educational materials for SMT programs nationwide. These products are to be characterized by their balance of practical knowledge with mathematical and scientific understanding, relevancy to industry workforce needs, and adaptability under rapid technological change. In its first year of operation, MATEC has created a curriculum development system that features: 1) a curriculum that is modular in design and based on workplace competencies and, 2) is delivered to faculty electronically with an accompanying electronic performance support system. Look for more information about these characteristics in future editions.

In coming months, MATEC will begin "rolling out" these materials for testing by our educational partners. For more information on becoming a MATEC partner, visit our Web site or contact Lyn Mowafy at: