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Volume 1, Number 1 Focus on 6-12 Activities
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The focus of MATEC’s 6-12 activities is to provide a comprehensive "kit" that promotes hands-on learning within real world applications. The context for this experience is semiconductor technology. The goal is to enhance science, math, engineering and technology. At the same time we hope to foster an awareness of the semiconductor industry as a career option.

The kit will be multidimensional. In addition to the career awareness video a "A Fab Way to Work," the teachers will be provided with a complete two-week module that fits into their existing science and technology curriculum. For example, concepts in chemistry such as acid base behavior and oxidation can relate directly to the processes in the fab. Most importantly, the curriculum is developed to industry based competencies.

The fun really begins when the students create semiconductor "devices" using cookie dough for silicon, frosting for photoresist, sprinkles for implanted ions as they model a dimensionally correct structure.

The key to the kit is the integration. Technical communication, team building and problem solving will be stressed. There will be components for counselors and a take home packet for parents. Assessment tools and web based resources round out the package.

Right now the kit is in development. The video is complete and a good start has been made on the chemistry and physics components. A team of teachers and faculty will work this summer to complete the initial version.

Schools that wish to join our 6-12 partnership and want to be considered as early adopters of the kit for the fall of ’98 can contact Tom Foster ( for more information.