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Volume 1, Number2 Semiconductor Manufacturing Training College Program Profiles
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Mesa Community College – Mesa, Arizona


The Manufacturing Semiconductor Processes (MSP) Associate of Applied Science Degree is one of two occupational career programs created in the past decade by Mesa Community College to support the vast and vibrant semiconductor industry prospering in the "Silicon Desert" in and around metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona. Industry partners have made a substantial number of contributions to existing programs in the Maricopa Community College District, including Mesa Community College.

Like all career programs, the MSP program has several missions: employment preparation, skill upgrade and career change. The MSP program is supported by an Advisory Committee comprised of representatives of the community’s semiconductor industries. The committee members provide advice and recommendations to the faculty for changes, opportunities and recommendations to the faculty for changes, opportunities and requirements in the workplace.

The Manufacturing Semiconductor Processes program is one of several high-technology programs built on the Applied Technology Model. Each of the applied technology degree programs incorporates a set of common core courses designed to build the technical, interpersonal and organizational skills needed to function in today’s dynamic high-tech industries. The blend of courses relating to the areas of specialization is designed to be flexible enough to adapt to a myriad of specialized situations and individual needs found in the workplace.

The technical core consists of literacies and applications in computing, calculating, graphic interpretation, materials, processes, process control, safe work practices and team dynamics while the areas of specialization include knowledge and know-how in mechanics, electricity, electronics, automation, pneumatics, low measurement and industrial systems.

The essence of the Applied Technology Model and the MSP Program is to have people work as part of an "empowered team." MSP technicians, as members of a work team, have a large and diverse set of technical, interpersonal and organizational skills providing them with abilities to effectively communicate both interpersonally and technically, enabling them to be extremely effective in their day-to-day work.

The Manufacturing Semiconductor Process program has experienced a 150% increase in student enrollment and a high level of industry placement for their graduates.

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