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Volume 1, Number 2 CHIP CAMP
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A week long summer Chip Camp will be co-sponsored by MATEC and Maricopa County Community College District during the week of June 7th . The workshop will take place at the Williams Campus of Chandler-Gilbert Community College and Arizona State University East located in Mesa, Arizona.

Fifty high school sophomores representing schools throughout the Phoenix metro area will be selected to attend the chip camp.

The participants will be immersed in a week of education and recreation. The chip camp will provide the attendees an opportunity to participate in electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, computer science and mathematics short courses taught by community college faculty. In addition to the short coursed, the participants will accompany faculty and industry representatives on tours of the major semiconductor companies located in the valley.

Each half day short course will provide students with an overview of the topic. The relevance of these topics to the student’s high school curriculum and career opportunities within the semiconductor manufacturing industry will be emphasized.

The First Annual Chip Camp is intended as a national model, with hopes of other institutions and industry replicating it elsewhere.

For additional information contact:

Ken Schultz
Williams Campus
602-988-8102 ext 102