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Volume 1, Number 2 Increasing Math and Science Standards for a Competitive Workforce Conference
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MATEC was present in Puyallup, WA on April 1 for the conference for secondary/psot-secondary educators and business leaders.

The conference was designed to bring together the "best practices" from secondary and post-secondary education programs across the country that encourage traditional and non-traditional students to enroll in courses that lead to the development of math and science skills needed by these industries. These include academic courses, guidance and career-counseling programs, internships and partnering agreements with industry.

In addition, the conference introduced educators, including principals, superintendents, college presidents and trustees, and other policy and decision-makers to the semiconductor, electronics and manufacturing industries, the potential for growth, and the need for skilled employees in these living-wage jobs.

The primary goals of the conference were to prepare junior and senior high schools to incorporate industry standards into their math and science curricula, develop strategies that bring diverse, at-risk and disadvantaged student populations into these programs, and convince policymakers of the urgent need for a high-trained, technologically capable workforce.