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Volume 1, Number3 MATEC at Year 2
Mike Lesiecki,  Director
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At the end of August 1998, MATEC will complete its second year of funding from the National Science Foundation. This year we have focused on the design of a modular, competency-based curriculum with an electronic delivery and support system. Our faculty development strategy has resulted in 107 faculty from 59 institutions in attendance at one or more of our 11 workshops offered to date. We have welcomed our close partnership with industry, SEMATECH and the SIA, which has significantly enhanced program growth and career awareness throughout the country. Currently 40 schools have joined the MATEC partnership and utilize MATEC services. In MATEC’s 3rd year we look forward to increased emphasis on 6-12 activities, the implementation of curriculum modules and increased opportunities for faculty growth experiences. Join me in congratulating the staff at MATEC and all their collaborators in acknowledgment of their effort and success.