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Volume 1, Number3 Semiconductor Manufacturing Training, College program Profiles - 1
John Tyler Community College, Chester, Virginia
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Silicon Valley East or Silicon Dominion, both of these names has been used to refer to the I-95 corridor in eastern Virginia since the arrival of the semiconductor industry. Since the first announcements of plant construction in 1995, John Tyler Community College has been working to assist the industry in providing a trained workforce. To accomplish this goal, the initial course offering of a Process Overview class occurred during the fall semester 1996. During the summer of 1996, three of the colleges in the 23-college Virginia Community College System (John Tyler, J. Sargeant Reynolds, and Germanna Community Colleges) came together and created a Community College Microelectronics Consortium (CCMEC). Since that time, the Consortium has grown to include 20 colleges including four that currently offer degree programs in Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology. Several other colleges plan to implement degree or certificate programs by the fall semester 1999. By the summer of 1997, John Tyler Community College had created a specialization in Semiconductor Manufacturing within the existing Associate in Applied Science Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. During the year between the first course offering and approval of the specialization, faculty participated in professional development provided by Motorola in Austin, Texas, and visited several colleges with Semiconductor Manufacturing programs.

In July 1997, SEMATECH representatives visited John Tyler and J. Sargeant Reynolds Community Colleges and approved the programs. In the fall 1997 semester, the first students were admitted to the new specialization; and a few students with advanced placement will graduate at the end of the fall 1998 semester.

Significant funding has been provided by this year’s legislative session for lab equipment purchases and to create an Institute of Excellence in Semiconductor Training. (The current Consortium will become the Institute of Excellence.) Clearly these funding initiatives would not have occurred without the cooperation between Colleges and the leverage provided by the Consortium.

During the 1997-98 academic year, John Tyler partnered with MATEC to participate in curriculum and professional development activities. This partnership has proven to be very valuable. It is therefore recommended that partnering with MATEC can be one of the most valuable resources available for schools interested in starting a program.

CCMEC has come a long way in the past two years with further development of programs still in progress. John Tyler Community College, as well as other schools in CCMEC, remains dedicated to providing a work force for Semiconductor Manufacturers and Semiconductor Support Industries in our service areas.