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Volume 1, Number3 Semiconductor Manufacturing Training, College program Profiles - 3
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Electronics Engineering Technology
Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS)
Specialization in Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology


STD-100 or STD-107 Orientation 1 cr.
ENG-111 and 115 English 6 cr.
MTH-115 and 116 Technical Math 6 cr.
PSY-126 Psychology for Business & Industry 3 cr.
----------- Social Science elective 3 cr.
HLT/PED Health/ PE elective 2 cr.
PHY-201 General College Physics 4 cr.
EGR-216 Computer Methods in Engineering & Technology 3 cr.
ETR-113 and 114 DC and AC Circuit Analysis 8 cr.
ETR-203 Electronic Devices I 4 cr.
ETR-280 Introduction to Digital Electronics 4 cr.
Core Total 44 cr.
Technical Electives (Must be taken from the attached list) 8 to 10 cr.
Specialty Courses 15 cr.
Degree Total 67 to 69 cr.

Courses for specialty:

ETR-185 Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Fundamentals 3 cr.
ETR-XXX Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Technology I 4 cr.
ETR-287 Principles and Applications of Robotics 4 cr.
CHM-111 College Chemistry I 4 cr.

Approved Technical electives:

DRF-201 Computer Aided Drafting and Design I 3 cr.
ETR-195 Topics in Electronics Engineering Technology 3-4 cr.
ETR-225 Data Communications 4 cr.
ETR-241 Electronic Communications I 4 cr.
ETR-250 Solid State Circuits 4 cr.
ETR-261 Microprocessor Application I 4 cr.
ETR-262 Microprocessor Application II 4 cr.
ELE-211 Electrical Machines I 4 cr.
ELE-212 Electrical Machines II 4 cr.
ELE-239 Programmable Logic Controllers 3 cr.
IND-101 Quality Assurance Technology I 3 cr.

Rev. 11/10/1997