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Volume 1, Number3 Suggested Textbooks and other resources
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Titles for courses in Vacuum Technology


A User’s Guide to Vacuum Technology, Second Edition

by John F. O’Hanlon
John Wiley & Sons, 1989
ISBN 0-471-81242-0
"Upper level text used in engineering and engineering technology programs.


High-Vacuum Technology: A Practical Guide

by Marsbed H. Hablanian
Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1990
ISBN 0-8247-8197-X
"General coverage of vacuum technology with emphasis on diffusions pump technology. No end-of-chapter problems"


Capture Pumping Technology

By Kima Welch
Pergamon Press, 1991
ISBN 0-08-040197-X
"Covers capture pumping techniques to produce high and ultra-high vacuum."


Basic Vacuum Practice, Third Edition

Varian Associates, Inc., 1992
Part number 900-0085
"Lower level introductory test. Requires little math. Easy reading."


High Vacuum Production in the Microelectronics Industry

By Pierre Duval
Elsevier, 1988
ISBN 0-444-42878-X
"Basic vacuum text with specific applications in semiconductor manufacturing"