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Volume 1, Number3 Focus on Intel’s Charlie Turner
Lyn Mowafy, Ph.D., Curriculum Design Specialist
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At the 1997 ATESM Conference in San Jose, an unpretentious speaker from Intel presented a paper entitled, "Rapid Prototyping of Web-Based Systems." At the end of his presentation, Savitri Saldana (SEMATECH) rushed up to me and said, "Lyn, you need to get a hold of this guy!" Well, it turned out that ‘this guy" was right in MATEC’s backyard, down at Intel’s sprawling facility in Chandler, Arizona. I called him a couple of days after returning from San Jose. He said, "Come on down. I’ll show you what we’re doing."

Charlie has been with Intel for 20 years. The first seven were spent providing hardware / software support to engineering. During the last thirteen years he has been focused on training and training technologies. After several years developing CBTs, Charlie moved to EPSS. His goal has been to reduce a technician’s time to proficiency. Currently he is the TMG integration project manager for training.

Since that first visit to his office in Chandler, Charlie has been a unfailing source of support and advice to MATEC as we have struggled to define and develop our EPSS system. At the EPSS conference in Chicago last November, he took time out of his busy schedule to make sure we were making contacts and learning what we needed to know. He’s just always there for us.

Three cheers and "thank you, Charlie" for being a true industry ‘partner’.