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Volume 1, Number3 Chip Camp 1998
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A week long Chip Camp jointly sponsored by MATEC, Maricopa Community Colleges and the Semiconductor Industry/Education Partnership (SIEP) was held during the week of June 7th.

Thirty high school sophomores and juniors representing schools throughout the Phoenix metro area gathered at Williams Campus of Chandler Gilbert Community College.

The participants spent the week attending short courses, industry field trips and career awareness sessions presented by industry representatives. Each half day short course provided the students with an overview of a topic or theme. The relevance of these topics to the students’ high school curriculum topics and career opportunities within the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry was emphasized. In addition to the academic activities and career awareness events, the students participated in recreation and leisure activities as well.

The first Chip Camp is intended to serve as a national model, with hopes of replicating it elsewhere, nationally.

The SIEP and MATEC have committed to jointly supporting next summer’s Chip Camp. The Governor’s Strategic Plan on Economic Development (GSPED)– High Technology Industry Cluster/School-to-Work Partnership recently announced that Chip Camp is one of three proposals that will be funded in 1998/1999. This award was a component within a larger school-to-work proposal that was funded by Arizona Department of Commerce.

For additional information contact:

Richard Newman –Faculty Development Specialist, MATEC (602) 517-8654 or

Ken Schultz – Director, Williams Education Center (602) 988-8102 x 102