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Volume 1, Number3 Irasema B. Crawford
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I am thrilled to be an intern at MATEC this summer. I am learning something new and interesting every day. I cannot wait to share with my colleagues and students the semiconductor technology curriculum activities we are developing here at MATEC. I know that my partnership with MATEC will extend past this summer and allow more teachers and students to learn and apply semiconductor technology in the classroom and beyond. During the regular year I have lots of fun teaching Chemistry at Red Mountain High School in Mesa, Arizona. When I am not working I love to spend time with my four and a half-year-old son Andrew going to the Phoenix Zoo, the Science museum, the beach, the pool, and to the library. Our winter fun includes playing and skiing in the snow at Flagstaff.

I would love to hear from other science teachers who are teaching semiconductors in their classrooms and labs. You can contact me by fax at Red Mountain High School/Science Dept. (602) 396-1759.