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Volume 1, Number 4 MATEC International
@matec.gif (37291 bytes) The semiconductor industry is global.  MATEC’s outreach efforts have been extended to educational institutions throughout the world.  MATEC has recently hosted visiting groups from Mexico, Singapore and Canada.

Educational institutions from outside the United States can join the MATEC Partnership by signing the international version of our partnership agreement.  (see Working With MATEC

MATEC has worked closely with the National Science Foundation to establish this category of international partnership.  There are three important provisions for international partners:

·        they are not eligible for discounted rates on workshops, conferences and materials (these discounts apply only to US partners)

·        the partnership cannot undertake a joint project that will solely benefit the foreign entity – it must be a collaboration for mutual benefit

·        the parties must comply with federal technology transfer regulations

We are looking forward to collaboration with our international colleagues.


            Mike Lesiecki – Director