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Volume 1, Number 4 Associate of Applied Science in Microelectronics Technology
Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon
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Program History: Portland Community College (PCC) implemented its first Microelectronics Technology program in 1980.  The program emphasized thin film processing and was supported primarily by Tektronix, Inc.  The program was mothballed in the mid 80’s when enrollments could no longer sustain operation of the degree program.

In 1990, at the request of Intel Corporation, PCC’s Microelectronics program was restarted with redesigned curriculum aimed at preparing technicians for wafer fab positions in Intel’s new factories in Oregon.  Intel’s new wafer fab positions required technicians to perform the duties of operator, equipment tech and process tech.  Furthermore, PCC’s program prepares technicians to work in teams and to use their education to pursue life-long learning in this dynamic industry.

The allocation of credits reflects the mission and goals of PCC’s program.  Of the 108-quarter credits required for the AAS degree, 39 credits are allocated to the math/science core and include a year-long sequence in math, general chemistry and general physics.  Twenty-four credits are allocated to English, speech and general education, enabling students to hone their communication skills.  The remaining 45 credits are devoted to technical courses in electronics, semiconductor processes, process equipment, and vacuum/RF systems.

PCC’s Microelectronics was offered on-site at Intel’s Aloha, OR, campus from 1990 to 1995.  In 1995, the program was moved to PCC’s Washington County Workforce Training Center and opened to the general public.  For more information, contact David Hata at (503) 533-2929 or e-mail:



First Term Course Title Credits
MT 110 Introduction to Microelectronics 3
MT 111 Electronic Circuits & Devices I 4
CH 221 General Chemistry 5
MTH 95 Intermediate Algebra 4
WR 121 English Composition 3  (19)
Second Term
MT 112 Electronic Circuits & Devices II 4
MT 121 Digital Systems I 3
CH 222 General Chemistry 5
MTH 111  College Algebra 4
WR 122 English Composition 3 (19)
Third Term
MT 113 Electronic Circuits & Devices III 4
MT 122 Digital Systems II 3
CH 223 General Chemistry 5
MTH 243 Statistics 4
WR 227 Technical Writing 3 (19)
Fourth Term
MT 223 Vacuum Technology 4
MT 224 Process Equipment I 3
PHY 201 General Physics 4
SP 130 Business & Professional Speech 3
General Education Elective 3 (17)
Fifth Term
MT 200 Semiconductor Processes I 4
MT 227 Process Equipment II 3
PHY 202 General Physics 4
SP 215 Small Group Communication 3
General Education Elective 3 (17)
Sixth Term
MT 225  Semiconductor Processes II 4
MT 240 RF Plasma Systems 3
PHY 203 General Physics 4
General Education Elective 3
General Education Elective 3 (17)

               Total Credits Required for the AAS Degree  = 108 Quarter Credits