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Volume 1, Number 4 Bassam Matar
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The outbreak of civil war in Lebanon brought 19 year old Bassam Matar to the U.S. to pursue an Electrical Engineering degree.  After earning his Master’s Degree in 1988, Bassam joined Glendale Community College, where he currently teaches engineering science, electronics and semiconductor processing. 

Each summer, Bassam leaves the classroom to work for Intel Corporation.  Over the years, he has designed a power distribution schematic for the 300XP machine, developed CBT courses on pneumatics and RF power and developed on-line documentation to help customers build applications around Intel’s 186, 51, 251, 386 and 196 families of embedded controllers. 

To support and maintain the SMT Program at Glendale, Bassam has spent the last four summers working in Intel fabrication areas.  Most recently, he has worked in the Lithography area at Fab 12.  One of his projects was to determine the impact of rework wafers on the Microscan tool output.

Bassam is a member of MATEC’s National Curriculum Advisory Committee and co-developer of the Photolithography Cluster Modules.  He also is co-PI for an NSF-funded project on “cross training SMT engineers and technicians”.  In addition to his school duties, he is serving as the instructional council chair for engineering science and teaches a digital design course at Arizona State University.

Bassam is a proud father of two children, Brianna (4 years) and Habib (17 months).  Besides the family, his hobbies include volleyball, hiking and camping and cooking his favorite Lebanese foods.