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Working in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry – A Career Guide for Students, Parents and Educators

This career guide is designed to be used in conjunction with our award winning video “A Fab Way to Work”.  If you have already ordered the video, please call and get your free copy of the career guide.  Otherwise, the career guide will be mailed out to you upon receiving your video order.  The guide was developed at Motorola University – Austin, Texas, and subsequently standardized for a broader national audience by MATEC. It is a useful addition to any high school career/counseling center.

The appendix contains a model of a course pathway matrix.  This matrix was developed as an advisement tool for high school course selection pathway to community college SMT programs.  The appendix can be customized by creating a matrix based on your local schools and partnerships as well as state workplace skill standards.  Permission to modify the career guide must be obtained from MATEC, which includes the inclusion of your customized appendix.  MATEC authorizes reprinting of any or all of the document as is.