The @MATEC Archives

Volume 1, Number 4

High School Chemistry and Physics Modules Previewed at the Summer Conference

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SMT relevant chemistry and physics modules were demonstrated at a workshop during the 4th Annual ATESM Conference.  The MATEC/Portland Community College sponsored conference was held in Portland, Oregon during the first week of August.  Teachers, counselors, administrators and semiconductor industry representatives participated in a series of hands-on student laboratory activities.  The high school chemistry and physics modules were developed by the MATEC summer teacher interns as a part of the MATEC commitment to the K-12 effort.

The workshop participants spent the day playing the role of a high school chemistry/ physics student.  The MATEC teacher interns, featured in the previous edition of @MATEC, engaged the attendees in a variety of activities and in-service training.  he activities included:  lab experiments utilizing science kits, career awareness activities and parental involvement strategies.  The high school chemistry and physics curriculum modules and accompanying lab kits are due to be released in January 1999.  For additional information call Rich Newman at (480) 517-8654.