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Volume 1, Number 4 Parents as Partners Exploring Technology Careers Workshops
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Three two-hour MATEC, New Frontiers and Phoenix Union High School District sponsored workshops were presented as a pilot project to parents of students in the Phoenix Union High School District, on October 13,15, 17.  Beverly Burns (New Frontiers) and Julia Watson (Phoenix Union High School) facilitated the workshop.  Each of the workshops featured a guest speaker from a high-tech career who spoke about the career opportunities in their field and the educational pathway that lead them into that career.  These workshops were designed to target minority students and under-represented populations within the semiconductor manufacturing industry.


Did you know that…

·        90% of the career advice that teenagers accept actually comes from their parents.

·        95% of workers who are fired or lose their jobs do so because they lack abilities in teamwork decision making, and/or communicating with others.

·        80% of the jobs in the year 2000 do not require a four-year university degree- but most of these require technical training.

·        75% of ALL college majors require college level math - not remedial math.

·        67% of career choices are eliminated when high school students drop out of higher-level math classes.

Therefore, providing parents with information about employment trends and the relevancy of math/science to career opportunities is a critical step in preparing high school students for the workplace.

MATEC is planning on extending this workshop around the country as a Train the Trainer event.  Contact Richard Newman for further details.