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Competency-Based Instruction

Competency-based instruction has proven to be an effective method for achieving effective and efficient learning. MATEC module design leverages this form of instruction to ensure students acquire both a general understanding of technical processes and the particular skills employers need. This gives students a head start for qualifying for the best jobs. The key attributes of MATEC competency-based instruction are as follows:




  • Focuses on ability—what students can actually do
  • Motivates learners—features interesting scientific advancements
  • Emphasizes the latest and best industry practices
  • Teaches real-world application of core abilities (science and math)
  • Verifies skills by observing students' on-task performance
  • Serves both new students and advancing working technicians
  • Practice on both teamwork and individual decision making
  • Presents content material in the context of real work environments
  • Includes behavioral and cognitive methods of skill assessment
  • Builds students’ mental models—the foundations of expertise


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