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Learning Activities

Each module contains up to 10 learning activities that provide interactive discussions, demonstrations, and exercises. Modules provide a "cover sheet" for each learning activity that explains the activity’s purpose, time and resources required, and how to prepare for and present the activity to students. There are two major types of learning activities:

  • Interactive Lectures: To help the instructor present the curriculum in an organized manner, PowerPoint "slide shows" are provided in each module. Content is organized in a set of slides that contain both text and graphical information which explain concepts, provide practical examples, inform students of learning objectives, and periodically present questions to assess comprehension of the material. Additionally, each slide is accompanied by "speaker notes" which provide points to make to students, facts to emphasize, and suggestions that help the instructor present the topics in a manner that facilitates learning. (Speaker notes are only seen by the instructor.)

  • Practice Exercises: After a reasonable amount of content is presented to students, practice activities are provided. Such activities stimulate thinking, help learners remember critical information about the topic, and facilitate understanding and retention of the new material. Module exercises vary considerably. Depending on the nature of the curriculum, practice may take on the form of a simple paper-based quiz, individual practice on a hands-on lab activity, team-based events whereby students work together to solve a complex problem or conduct Internet research with follow-up oral and/or written reports. Regardless of the type of exercise, practice is designed to closely resemble the type of tasks and challenges encountered in actual work environments.



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