How to Deal with Rejection from Your First Choice College

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Most students have a number one school on their college list that they want to attend. Some have University of Michigan and others may have AU MSHI at the top of their list. Getting into your top college is your top priority, which makes application submissions a very stressful time. Sitting around waiting for your acceptance letters to return is nerve wrecking, but what’s even more disheartening is receiving a rejection letter from your top college. The feeling of rejection can sometimes get the best of you, making it harder to continue on with your education and life. Don’t fall into this trap.

The following tips can be used to recover from college rejection.

It’s Alright to Be Disappointed

When you first read your rejection letter, your first intent will be to shrug it off. You want to play hard, like you don’t care, when you really do. Like death, it’s best for you to mourn the situation, so allow yourself to feel the disappointment. Set aside a little bit of time to be bummed out about your rejection. However, you don’t want to dwell on your rejection for too long. Strap yourself up by the bootstraps soon to prevent holding yourself back from other opportunities.

Try to Get Excited About Other Possibilities

This is just one school of many that rejected you, so take all of your eggs out of the basket and spread them around. Start looking around online for another college to attend. If you applied to more than one, then wait for your other letters to come in – you never know, you may get accepted to your second or third choice colleges!

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Why

The one question you’ll continuously ask yourself once rejected by a preferred college is why. Why did they deny your application? Was it something you did wrong or was it something beyond your control? It’s important to note that there are only but so many available openings per semester, so don’t feel bad if your application isn’t selected to meet the quota. This could be a classic tale of, it’s not you, it’s them.

It’s About What You Do, Not Where You Go

These days, you can get a college degree from a lesser-known college and still get a position in a well-respected company. So don’t get too caught up in which schools you get accepted to, and start focusing on what you can do to make it the best experience possible. You’ll be surprised to learn that some of the courses offered at second and third-tier schools are actually better than those found in elite schools. In some cases, these schools will offer courses that don’t exist in the top-tier colleges.

Wherever you end up going, it’s important to do the best you can to succeed. Your GPA, activities and teacher relationships will all play a role in how successful you will be after you graduate. Remember, employers are looking for grads with good grades and winning recommendation letters.


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