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Recent Updates (October 2006):

The MATEC Module Devliery System is being updated. Current users of the hybrid Internet/CD version can still log on using the link above. During the first quarter of 2007 a new, Internet only system will be launched. Watch this space in the future for additional information.

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Module Abstracts and Updates

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Cross Functional Inspection
Safety Quality & Automated Manufacturing
Contamination Control Vacuum & Gas Controls
Process RF Energy & Plasma Technology
Equipment PC Architecture

Cross Functional
Module 1:  The Semiconductor Transistor (Abstract)

Module 2:  The Fabrication of a Semiconductor (Abstract)

Module 4:  Troubleshooting (Abstract)

Module 5:  Problem Solving (Abstract)

Module 6:  Dispositioning (Abstract)

Module 7:  Material Safety Data Sheets - MSDS (Abstract)

Module 8:  Hazardous Materials Safety Principles (Abstract)

Module 9:  Psychology of Safety (Abstract)

Module 10:  Ergonomics of Semiconductor Manufacturing (Abstract)

Module 11:  Environmental Health and Safety (Abstract)

Module 13:  Lock Out/Tag Out (Abstract)

Contamination Control
Module 14:  Gowning for the Cleanroom (Abstract)

Module 15:  Personal Hygiene in the Cleanroom (Abstract)

Module 16:  Cleanroom Protocol (Abstract)

Module 19:  The Diffusion Process (Abstract)

Module 26:  The Implant Process (Abstract)

Module 33:  The Oxidation Process (Abstract)

Module 40:  The Photolithography Process(Abstract)

Module 47:  The Etch Process (Abstract)

Module 54:  The Deposition Process (Abstract) (Self-Assessment)

Module 61: The Metallization Process (Abstract) (Self-Assessment)

Module 68:  The Planarization Process
(Abstract) (Self-Assessment)

Module 75:  The Assembly and Packaging Process (Abstract)

Module 82:  The Test and Sort Process (Abstract)

Module 92:  The Crystal Growth and Wafer Preparation (Abstract)

Module 27:  Implant Equipment (Abstract)

Module 41:  Photolithography Equipment(Abstract)

Module 48:  Etch Equipment (Abstract)

Module 51:  Etch Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance (Abstract)

Module 55:  Deposition Equipment (Abstract)

Module 69:  Planarization Equipment (Abstract)

Module 45:  Wafer Inspection in the Photolithography Process(Abstract)

Quality & Automated Manufacturing
Module 88:  Quality Tools & SPC (Statistical Process Control) Charts (Abstract)

Module 125:  Factory Dynamics (Abstract)

Vacuum & Gas Controls

Module 97:  Vacuum Fundamentals(Abstract)

Module 98:  Gas Sources & Conductance (Abstract)

Module 99:  Gas Transfer Type Vacuum Pumps (Abstract)

Module 100:  Entrapment Type Vacuum Pumps (Abstract)

Module 101:  Vacuum Gauges (Abstract)

Module 102:  Leak Detection in Vacuum Technology (Abstract)

Module 114:  Mass Flow Controller (Abstract)

RF Energy & Plasma Technology
Module 104:  Plasma and RF Fundamentals (Abstract)

Module 105:  RF Generators and RF Safety(Abstract)

Module 106:  RF Impedance Matching (Abstract)

Module 107: RF Transmission Lines (Abstract)

Module 108: Power Measurement and Control (Abstract)

PC Architecture
Module 118:  System Overview(Abstract)

Module 119:  Memory (Abstract)

Module 120:  Interrupts, Peripherals, and Storage (Abstract)

Module 121:  Interfaces, Audio and Video(Abstract)

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