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Summer 1999 Chip Camp II
June 2 - 4

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MATEC and Arizona School-to-Work Co-sponsors CHIP CAMP II


Student Application PacketMATEC and the High Tech Industry Cluster School-to-Work sponsored a 3-day resident Chip Camp. Fifty-five high school juniors and seniors from the Phoenix area schools spent 3 days of their summer break attending the 2nd Annual Chip Camp. The Camp was held June 2-4, 1999 at Chandler-Gilbert Community College (Williams Campus). The participants attended morning classes in Math, Chemistry and Physics. Their afternoons were spent attending hands-on laboratories studying computer technology, multimedia and robotics.

The MATEC High School Physics and Chemistry Semiconductor relevant instructional units were utilized as the courseware and laboratory activities for the morning sessions. The Chemistry, Physics and Math classes were taught by MATEC Teacher Interns, Irasema Crawford, Ron Redwing and Howard Speier. The robotics lecture and laboratory was taught by Pete Lomeli and John Palmer.

Mini Robot Insect components

"Mini Robot Insect" components

Mini Robotic Ladybug

"Mini Robot Insect"

Each participant was assigned a project to fabricate a mini robotic insect (shown on the right).  The robotic project applied the concepts of DC motors, gears/pulleys, magnetism and technical drawing interpretation.

A field trip to the Arizona Science Center, ample recreation, food and fun set the tone for the 3-day event.

The math class centered around the use and application of Micro Based Laboratories (MBL), Graphing Calculators and Calculator Based Laboratories (CBL). The students found these classroom teaching tools to be exciting and challenging. MATEC received extremely positive feedback on all facets of the Chip Camp. Many of the students indicated interest in attending a community college or university and studying Science or Manufacturing. We found this to be a very beneficial high school recruiting tool.



Chip Camp II Materials


Pictures from Chip Camp II
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Major funding source provided by the High Technology Industry Cluster/School To Work Partnership (HTIC/STW), Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC) - a division of the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD), ASU East and the Semiconductor Industry and Education Partnership (SIEP).

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