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a day in the life of a tech that connects high school science to real life applications.

A Fab Way to Work videoWhen your math or science students ask, "Who uses this stuff?", give them some very specific examples from a semiconductor manufacturing context.  A semiconductor manufacturing technician gives valuable insight to an inquisitive student about how science and math are applied every day in the high tech manufacturing world.  A job shadowing experience and stock footage help her explain exactly how science and math are key elements in transforming silicon into the microchips found in the tools we use everyday.

Other techs from well-known manufacturers explain what it's like to have a career in semiconductor manufacturing.

This video is geared for elementary, junior high, and high school students.  It is also a part of a curriculum kit series that includes hands-on learning experiences related to seminconductor manufacturing.  The kits include:

  • 6th grade science and mathTelly Awards Recipient
  • 8th grade science
  • high school chemistry
  • high school physics

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